Energy Healing Credentials



Integrative Energy Therapy (IET)

Medical Intuitive Training

Trance Healing

UCL training: Phases 1&2




Spiritual Circles


A spiritual circle in the healing room is the perfect place for like-minded folks to come together to engage  in a spiritual discussion.

The Healing Room


The Healing room is a grounded sacred space that provides a safe and quiet place to engage in your healing process. You will be surrounded by healing crystals that will enhance your healing experience.



Counseling space is available in the healing room. Confidentiality is very important so the healing space is the perfect place!

Shari Dorman

Welcome to Inner Mountain Peak Healing LLC! Having worked as a counselor in the mental health field for over 10 years, I have an understanding that spirituality is a very important component in the healing process which is often neglected in traditional psychotherapy treatments. Over the years, I have explored and trained in various modaliites of both traditional and holistic treatments. Through my experiences in trauma-based population, I have found that an integrative approach of utilizing various healing modalities involving customized treatment for each indivdiual is the most effective. Healing begins with the relationship with self. The individual in treatment is the driver of their own healing.Each person knows themselves the best and what it is they need to heal. I am a believer that everyone has the key to their own self-healing. I am just a facilitator in their healing process. 




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